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1. What is the minimum age to go scuba diving?
The minimum age is 10.

2. Can snorkelers go on the dive boat?
Yes! Many of our sites are good for both and have reefs that are in much better condition than those closer to land. The cost of this is $50.00 pp and includes all equipment (there is not a discount for bringing your own).

3. Where do you go diving?
We have over 30 different sites that we dive regularly along the north and south shores of St. John and the outlying islands between here and St. Thomas. We welcome requests, but the decision of where to go is a game time decision made by the crew as we clear the harbor and have a chance to review conditions. Most of our sites are sloping reefs with dive profiles between 35-80 ft.

4. Can I try diving with no experience?
Yes! Go on a Discover Scuba dive --no experience is necessary, all you need is to be comfortable in water and be in good health. You will do a detailed briefing, followed by a beach skill session with an instructor and then a closely monitored dive off the boat. You also will not exceed a depth of 40 feet. This is offered Monday-Saturday and DSDs may be accompanied by certified divers.

5. What is on the boat and what should I bring?
Low Key provides any equipment you may need. There is fresh water on board the boat, but no snacks. We recommend a towel, sunscreen and a sweatshirt in cooler weather.

6. How long does it take to get certified?
We can certify you in three days! Ask about our open water course.

7. Do you offer Nitrox?
No. Nitrox is only available on St. Thomas.

8. How many divers do you take out?
We have two custom-made 36 ft Newton dive boats. Our maximum number of divers is 16, but this is rare. We add staff as necessary so that no more than six certified divers per divemaster, and frequently less.

9. Do I need a doctor’s permission to dive?
Not necessarily. Certified divers do not need a doctor’s permission. For non-certified divers and students, a copy of our medical questionnaire is available on our website. Please review it thoroughly to verify that you answer “NO” to all the questions. If you answer “YES” to one of the questions, then you will need a doctor’s approval before diving. This is usually easily obtained and involves no more than emailing or faxing the form to your general physician, but is best done in advance before you are on island. Please call Low Key with any questions.

10. Do you dive any wrecks?
We do two
wreck trips, the Wrecks of St. Thomas (advanced) and the Wreck of the Rhone in the BVI (suitable for beginner divers and advanced).

11. Do I need a passport to visit the US Virgin Islands?
NO! No passport is needed to visit the US Virgin Islands, but visitors wishing to go the British Virgin Islands must have a passport or passport card. Non US citizens are advised to check with their consulate as to whether they will need a visa for entry to the BVI.

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