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Meet the Staff

Meet the Mutts

Meet the Low Key Staff

Ann Marie Estes

Dive Shop General Manager, Rescue Diver.
Hometown: Formative years in the suburbs of Los Angeles
Favorite Dive Site: French Cap and Congo Cay in the summer; Eagle Shoals in the winter.
Favorite Marine Life: Red Lip Blenny
Fun Fact: Animal enthusiast and supporter of our Animal Care Center; currently owns one dog, and many cats; Loves to read and enjoys historical novels and films on the Military.

Bob Shinners

US Coast Guard 100 Ton Captain; PADI and NAUI Dive Instructor.
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Favorite Dive Site: Carvel Rock; the drop; and the Wit Shoal
Favorite Marine Life: Dolphins
Fun Fact: One of eight kids; loves to read Clive Cussler books; been on St. John for over thirty years.

Chris Chaffin

Course Director, USCG Captain, EFR Instructor Trainer, Dan Instructor Trainer
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Favorite Dive Site: Booby Rock
Favorite Marine Life: Tiger Shark
Fun Fact: Chris has an inordinate hatred of sour cream and will not eat anything that it touches on his plate.

Courtney Ramey

Shop Manager, Mermaid
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Favorite Dive Site: changes weekly
Favorite Marine Life: Flamingo Tongue
Fun Fact: Loves to geek out on science and history documentaries.
Keeps up with Days of Our Lives and loves Spock on Star Trek.

Ed Polachek

PADI divemaster , Tusa/Sherwood/Cressi certified technician, psi certified cylinder inspector, psi cylinder hazmat instructor, shop floor manager.
Hometown: Northampton, MA
Favorite Dive Site: Any place I can get in the water, the drop
Favorite Marine Life: Octopus
Fun Fact: Ed likes long walks on the beach, picnic lunches and sun sets. It has been said that Ed could talk to anybody for hours…

Max Kostenblatt

Hometown: Bellrose Village, NY
Favorite Dive Site: Chikuzen Shipwreck, BVI
Favorite Marine Life: Spotted Eagle Ray
Fun Fact: Has been playing ice hockey for over 20 years. Don’t ever talk to him while the Rangers are playing.

Summer Pothoff

PADI IDC Staff Instructor, 6 Pack Captain License, CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Provider Instructor, Deep, Wreck, Underwater Photography Specialties Instructor
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Favorite Dive Site: Eagle Shoals
Favorite Marine Life: Trunk Fish
Fun Fact: During Hurricane Season she loves to explore dive destinations all around the world. She loves dogs and children. When she’s not diving she’s sailing, hiking, playing sand volley ball or going to Courtney’s Ladies Night. She says “I LOVE MY JOB!”

John Redmon

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Favorite Dive Site: WIT-CON, French Cap, The Wreck of the RMS Rhone
Favorite Marine Life: All of it!
Fun Fact: Ask him about the haunted pillow he had while growing up.

Basil Bsisu

PADI OW Instructor
Hometown: Covington, KY
Favorite Dive Site: Any dive at French Cap
Favorite Marine Life: Juvenile Spotted Drum
Fun Fact: Ride a motorcycle, even though I am a fun guy I don't like mushrooms. I shaved my head originally as a Halloween costume.

Linda Garza

Shop staff, has lived on Saint John for 15 years.
Hometown: Redding, CA
Favorite Dive Site: Congo and Flannigan Islands
Favorite Marine Life: Queen Triggerfish
Fun Fact: Linda has been accused of swallowing a microphone. Loves to climb trees, play softball and water ski

Brian Falatko

Divemaster, Shop staff
Hometown: Chantilly, VA
Favorite Dive Site: Wreck of the Rhone
Favorite Marine Life: Peterson Shrimp
Fun Fact: Was once an accordian player in a polka band.

Kathy Davis

Shop Staff, PADI OW Certified
Hometown: Woodstock, Vermont
Favorite Dive Site: The Next One!
Favorite Marine Life: Octopus, Staghorn Coral and Life in the Mangroves!
Fun Fact: We have a landscaping business in Vermont so we started coming to St. John years ago for the winter. As long as I can keep digging in the dirt, I'm happy!

Nicholas Jabour

Wise in the Brain, Young at Heart, Quick of the Mouth
Hometown: Currently St. John, formerly of Boston, South Burlington and Cambridge, VT. Depends how long back you want to look.
Favorite Dive Site: Haven't found out yet, but am looking.
Favorite Marine Life: I heart Sea Turtles
Fun Fact: I love Bushwackers (less than 3). Been married for 7 years to a lady I've known since I was 13. Together, we own an animal that is more Muppet than dog, his name is Stormy.

Luke Petzy

OWSI, VINP Volunteer Diver, OUPV/Six-pack Captain
Hometown: Boston, MA
Favorite Dive Site: Cow Rock
Favorite Marine Life: Big stuff like sharks, groupers, and eagle rays . . . and, of course, octopus and moray eels.
Fun Fact: Previously worked as a federal fisheries observer on-board commercial fishing vessels. Observed 132 fishing trips in the Northeastern USA!


Official Low Key Greeter
Nika is our 1 year old Coconut Retriever, as they call them down here, and belongs to Ed. Nika was rescued from the ACC when she was just a puppy and takes her role of greeting all Low Key divers very seriously. A regular fixture in the shop and on the beach, she is always willing to accept the adoration that is her due to her as queen of the shop.


Official Low Key Greeter
Olivia...she is the newest 4 legged family member of Low Key Watersports. Olivia comes to us from the shelter in St Thomas where she was residing for most of the first year of her life. She now lives the life of a Queen at Ann Marie's house! One lucky dog! Her favorite food is hot dogs! She loves to be picked up and held like a baby. She and Nika are becoming best of friends....most of the time!

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