Discover Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving

Jen Krampf

My name is Jen. I took over managing the shop at Low Key after the 2017 hurricanes. My background was in retail management, not so much in the watersports business. Though I’ve lived near the ocean for 15 years, I’ve never been 100% comfortable in the water. It was obvious that to establish a better connection with our customers and knowledge of our products, that I would need to better familiarize myself with the water. Though I was extremely apprehensive, I agreed to try our Discover Scuba dive. My initial fear was not necessarily of being in the water itself, but the anxiety I felt about not being able to control my breathing.

Basil Bsisu, one of our awesome dive instructors, gave me a quick briefing on skills and what would happen once I was in the water. I had a hard time at first and Capt. Cody even hopped in to help me with some breathing techniques. This is where I have to mention the exceptional support, patience, and understanding of our staff. Once submerged, my anxiety got the best of me and I had to signal to Basil that I was not ok and we headed back up.

This is seriously no big deal to them, and important if you feel uncomfortable!

It took me 3 tries before I was successful at staying down comfortably! While underwater, Basil allowed me to gain control of my breathing and off we went! So cool! It is truly something that one must experience for themselves to fully understand and appreciate the experience of being underwater.

A few weeks later, I attempted another Discover Scuba. Unfortunately, I still had a bit of an issue getting down. With Luke’s guidance and patience, I was able to gain control and experience even more of the beautiful waters. Practice makes perfect!

Fast forward to today and I am a PADI Certified Open Water Diver. Who would have thought!? I wanted to share my story for anyone who is nervous, scared, or anxious because, if I could do it, TRUST ME, you can too! Our instructors are some of the most experienced, patient, and kind that you will find anywhere.

If you have ever had an inkling to “just see if you like it”, then Discover Scuba is the perfect course for you!