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Our Conservation Efforts

to protect our beautiful island above and below the surface

We are a PADI 5 ⭐️ Eco Center located on an island that is over 70% National Park. We believe in responsible Eco-Tourism so we can share our island with visitors while preserving it for future generations. With a focus on action and education, our team strives to ensure St John flourishes. From it's tallest peak, to it's deepest dive.

Eco Courses

While we love doing our part as a company, our passion lies in education. We strive to be ambassadors to the oceans as educators and role models.This way the work we do isn’t confined to the USVI, but rather can spread globally as our students travel the world, implementing practices they learned here and even teaching others! Click here for our Eco Diver Options. There are even courses available to snorkelers or fully dry classes for those that just want to do their part from land!

Beach Cleanups

At Low Key we organize Beach cleanups in Cruz Bay 4-5 times a year to help keep our island clean! We also work with Friends of the Park to help organize with the national park beach cleanups. We offer coffee and snacks as well as discounts for those interested in helping! Click here for the schedule.

Lionfish Control and Education

Lionfish are an invasive species in the Caribbean and can wreak havoc on our ecosystem.  Our team regularly reports sightings and contains them whenever we can. We also offer a lionfish specialty course where we can teach divers in depth about the issue and how to safely and carefully spear and contain them.

Beach Boutique

Our Beach Boutique offers a wide array of eco friendly products. We carry the O’Neill Blue Collection, Got Bag, Dock & Bay, Telic shoes, and Stream 2 Sea products so you can feel good about stocking up for your boat or beach day!

Fish Count Dives

Working with we organize multiple fish count dives annually. The only thing you need to participate is your cert card and an interest in our underwater world. Onboard, participants will be given slates and instructions. There will also be a seminar about why we do this and how you can conduct your own. Learn how to be a community scientist by checking our schedule below!

Adopting Dive Sites

As part of PADI’s Adopt the Blue program we have adopted 2 of our favorite sites, Cow and Calf Rock. As part of this program we document all the trash we collect and upload it into the Adopt the Blue app. This helps not just keep the site clean but allows for any trends to be noticed about what we find and when. We also conduct our fish count dives at these locations to help monitor the fish abundance.

Recycling program

When St John started a recycling program for the first time on the island we jumped right aboard. Our staff both in the shop and on the boats work hard to make sure we are sorting our trash and properly disposing of it.   

Eliminated Single Use Plastic

In addition to offering reusable paper cups for our guests to drink from, we also sell reusable SILIPINT cups that you can take home as a souvenir! We also offer dive exclusive cups only available to our divers.

Donations to Our Friends at the National Park and C.O.R.E.

We donate annually to the National Park here on St John. We also collect donations for our friends at C.O.R.E.(Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education Foundation). C.O.R.E. is a local foundation that works to educate the community as well as run programs such as coral restoration and a lionfish response team.