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Snorkel & Beach Rental

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Quick Details

Low Key Watersports has a wide selection of the best quality snorkel and beach rental gear on the island.  We offer:

  • A range of mask styles to fit all faces, including children.
  • Rental fins available in children’s and adult sizes up to size 15!
  • Prescription masks with corrective lenses available ranging from +4.0 to –10.0.
  • Professional fittings by our expertly trained staff.
  • Personalized suggestions as to the best snorkel spots around the island.


Register Now to Save 15% on Snorkel & Beach Rentals!

While this does not reserve your items, it will allow you to save time when you arrive to select your gear. Book on the day you plan to pick up the gear. It’s okay if the date changes, we can adjust it when you arrive to select your gear. Rentals are available during regular store hours.


Item Daily Weekly
Mask/Fin/Snorkel Combo $10 $50
Mask Only $6 $30
Fins Only $6 $30
Snorkel Only $3 $15
Mask & Snorkel $7 $35
Prescription Mask/Fin/Snorkel Combo $15 $75
Prescription Mask Only $11 $55
Full Face Mask & Fins $15 $75
Full Face Mask Only $11 $55
Snorkel Vest, Snorkel Belt & Life Vests $6 $30
Standard Beach Tent $10 $50
Grande Beach Tent $12 $60
Giant Beach Tent $14 $70
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $8 $40
Beach Table $8 $40
Beach Chair $10 $50
Beach Cooler $15 $75