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Inclusive and Adaptive

Amazing Guest Experiences for All Divers

Our number one goal at Low Key Watersports is that our guests have a great experience from the moment they book their dive trip all the way through their stay with us and beyond. We are constantly striving for ways to make guest experiences better by keeping our website user-friendly, revamping our booking process to make it easier, changing our course and trip offerings, adding new products to our retail store, and keeping our boats in tip-top shape. 

We feel we have always been inclusive and adaptive to our guest’s needs but we want to make sure you know what we are doing behind the scenes to make sure our guests know how much we value each one of them.   

Adaptive Techniques Training

Training Beyond Scuba Instructor for Our Staff

Our dive instructors strive to give every guest an amazing experience but we have taken things one step further and several of our dive staff are now certified as PADI Adaptive Techniques Instructors. This course is for Dive Professionals and focuses on increasing awareness of varying abilities, and explores adaptive teaching techniques to apply when training and diving with guests who are physically and mentally challenged.  

What does this mean to our guests? Even though we have always tried to give each guest the best possible individual service, having our staff professionally trained to assist divers with additional challenges opens up diving to even more visitors to St. John. 

Adaptive Support Diver Specialty Course for Our Guests – Coming Soon!

Do you want to learn how to best support a dive buddy who has a physical or mental challenge? The PADI Adaptive Support Diver course at Low Key Watersports will increase your awareness of divers’ varying abilities and explores adaptive techniques to apply while diving or freediving with a buddy with a disability.

Through knowledge development and two diving workshops – one in confined water and one in open water – you’ll learn useful techniques that will increase your ability to become a better dive partner to a diver with a disability. You’ll gain insight and practical experience as you learn about:

  • Becoming more aware and mindful of individual considerations when diving with people with disabilities.
  • Adaptive techniques that can be applied while diving. 

Comming Soon!


Our Dock Access

Dock and Shop Accessibility

We offer the only dock on St. John that allows divers to access the boat with ease, whether you roll or walk up, our dock  makes it easy and safe for all our divers boarding our boats.

Our store is also equipped with a ramp to be able to wheel right in for your shopping needs and to check-in for your dive or boat trips. 

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Private Instructors

If you need more assistance during your training dives or on our daily dives we have an option to book a private instructor on any dive and for anyone who wants that extra time and attention. 

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First Aid, CPR, and O2 Trained

All of our Dive Instructors, Dive Boat Captains, Store Staff and Support Staff are first aid, CPR, and O2 trained with many also First Aid, CPR and O2 instructors or Instructor Trainers ready to step up in any emergency diving or non-diving related. Our boats are all equipped with dive first aid kits and O2 kits. 

Adaptive Divers Our Staff Has Trained

Divers with Muscular Dystrophy

Divers who are Paralyzed

Divers with Amputations

Divers with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Learning Disabilities

Divers with Autism

Divers with Chemical Intolerance or Environmental Illness

Divers with Chronic Pain Syndrome

Divers with a Cleft Palate

Divers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Military Veterans and others with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD

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PADI Course Director with ASL Experience

Our PADI Course Director is comfortable with basic ASL Sign Language and has experience working with deaf and hard-of-hearing instructors and divers.