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Dogs of Low Key

The employees of Low Key Watersports love the ocean and all its amazing creatures but what you might not know about them is their love of dogs. If you have been coming to Low Key for many years you might have been lucky enough to meet some of them on the boats or in the shop. With all the new health codes and guidelines, dogs are no longer permitted to be in the shop or on the boats but our love for our four legged family remains strong. Here is a look at our “Staff Dogs” and a little bit about each of them.


Owner: Ann Marie Estes


Breed: Coconut Retriever
Bio: Olivia came from the shelter on St. Thomas, where she was for the majority of the first year of her life. She now lives the life of a Queen at Ann Marie’s house! One lucky dog! Her favorite food is hot dogs and she loves to be picked up and held like a baby.


Owner: Sydney Himelein

Breed: German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois
Bio: Jakks is a wild child. His favorite hobbies are playing fetch, ripping down banana trees, and extreme hiking. He was originally supposed to be a service dog but failed because of his high energy. He is enjoying his early retirement on St. John.


Owner: Max Koestenblatt


Breed: Coconut Retriever- part Chihuahua, part Rhodesian Ridgeback
Bio: Otis is a king cuddler. He is a bit shy and timid, but when a car comes up the driveway his back mohawk stands up and he likes to voice his thoughts

Morrison aka Bubba

Owner: Max Koestenblatt


Breed: Part Pitbull, part Border Collie
Bio: Bubba is regal. He smokes cigars and drinks scotch in his tuxedo. He likes his alone time but is also very loving and gives lots of kisses!

Nika & Cabra

Owner: Eddie Polachek


Breed: Nika & Cabra are Coconut Retrievers
Bio: Nika is 6 years old and was rescued from the ACC when she was a puppy. Cabra was rescued when he was only about 8 weeks old, also from the ACC on St. John. Nika loves taking care of her new baby brother and they both enjoy playing on the beach.

Buddy (aka Budwardo, Budward, Doggy)

Owners: Basil & KC Bsisu

Breed: Florida Brown Dog
Bio: He’s 14ish, he loves his moose, duck, and squeaky cell phone. Despises getting his mani/pedi. Very independent. We believe he has the boys over for bourbon and cigars when we aren’t home.

ACC St. John


The Animal Care Center (ACC) of St. John is located in Cruz Bay. The ACC addresses the problems of cruelty to, neglect, and abuse of island animals. The shelter provides kennels for homeless dogs and inside cages for a limited number of homeless cats.

The ACC is a stable resource for the community, providing a no-kill shelter for homeless animals, a resource for animal lovers to find perfect pets, programs for island needs, and a community educational component.

Visit The Saint John Animal Care Center